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     One World Builders (idaho-home.com) is one of the premiere custom home builders in Idaho. We are there from the initial consultation to the completion, doing what we do well, building quality luxury homes for great clients.

     The cost of building a custom built home with One World Builders usually starts at $400,000 and up. This price depends on a variety of factors, including cost of lot, square footage, and the final features and finishes used in the building of the home.

Cost of Building Your Home
     Arriving at a cost of building your home is a two step process. They are:

  • Step One - The first step or process is accomplished by arriving at a rough cost estimate. This is established by reviewing the plans and the homeowner's preference. The rough cost estimate fits the desired budget of the client.
  • Step Two - The next step is to prepare an exact price for the home. At this time, a detailed questionnaire is filled out and discussed by the buyer and One World Builders. The questionnaire and discussion is helpful in determining the many features desired for the new home. During this time, specific preferences are paramount. Material options and quality materials are discussed and determined. Once the preferences are known, bids are secured from the contractors and suppliers. A final price of the home is established, a contract is signed and the final detailed provisions are made to the plans.

After Signing the Contract - The Planning Process
     After the contract is signed, work begins, permits are obtained from appropriate jurisdictions, excavation and the foundation for the house begins. Please see the "Planning Process" for more detailed information about planning and building your home.

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  Sun Valley
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An Idaho Home Builder
     In conclusion, One World Builders is a quality home builder and it is our job to build you a house that you are proud of and enjoy for many years to come (See Testimonials section). Contact us today at 208.280.3333 for an initial consultation or for more information about building your dream home in Idaho.

Written by Jack Garchar


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