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      This category of images contains interior pictures of some of our many custom built homes, They contain extra large photos (size "736 pixels in width by 509 pixels in height) of master bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, living and dining rooms, home theater centers as well as stairs and entryways. Some of the interior images are photographed at different angles and distances to present a more overall view of the stated subject (e.g. home theater system, living room, stairs, etc.). We hope you enjoy this section as well as other sections presented on this web site, and have a better understanding of the luxury custom homes that One World Builders design and build for our clientele.

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Where We Build
      One World Builders has been a home builder of custom homes since 1997, with an emphasis on luxury homes. We have built all over Idaho with our primary market in the communities of Tamarack, Sun Valley, Twin Falls and Boise. We are also licensed to build in other states in including Florida. If you plan to build a home in the Caribbean, Latin America or Europe our team are also available.

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      Listed below are pictures of some of the many images of the interior of custom homes. We try to make sure that your luxury home, "fits your tastes" and enhances the beauty of not only the interior, but also the exterior of your quality home.

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About Us
One World Builders experience in the building industry, knowledge of the local communities and financial integrity has awarded us as one of the most reputable, and prestigious custom home builders in Idaho. We are a licensed home builder with our corporate headquarters located in the City of Twin Falls. One World Builders can be contacted at corey@idaho-home.com or direct by phone at 408.280.3333.


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