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      Listed in this section are the exterior photos of the custom luxury homes that were built and designed by One World Builders. As a home builder with a great reputation, we build homes to meet the needs and aesthetic tastes of our clients. Our clients have selected a multitude of architectural designs, from Mediterranean, Cape Cod, Victorian, ranch, Tudor style and others. To accentuate the exterior of the home, an added touch is the landscaping. This includes fountains, and if desired a man-made water fall. No item no matter how small is left untouched when designing the exterior of a client's new home.

Adding a Touch of Class
      At One World Builders, every effort is made to satisfy the client. A custom luxury home is an extension of the aesthetic tastes and creativity of the owner. From the initial consultation to completion, our professional team of experts will work with you to build your dream. We will offer you a blank canvas in which you can create a beautiful piece of artwork, made to fit your lifestyle, and to accentuate your surroundings.

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      Listed below are images of some of the many pictures of the custom homes, as well as landscaping that One World Builders has built for our clients. We try to make sure your custom home fits the tastes and enhances the beauty of not only the exterior but also the interior of your home.

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About One World Builders
Our experience in the building industry, knowledge of the local communities and financial integrity has awarded us as one of the most reputable and prestigious custom home builders in Idaho. One World Builders corporate headquarters is located in Twin Falls, Idaho and is a licensed home builder. Our focus is building custom quality homes in the communities and surrounding areas of Sun Valley, Tamarack, Twin Falls and Boise, Idaho We also build luxury homes in Florida and internationally including Latin America and Europe. We can be contacted at 408.280.3333.

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