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     Welcome to the "Gallery of Pictures". To assist you in the design and building of your custom home, One World Builders has added this section. Within this section, are images (sometimes at different angles and distances), as well as information that will be helpful in determining the many types of designs and products that are available to those that are planning to build a home with us. If you are thinking of having One World Builders build your new home or just browsing, please enjoy the images. We can be contacted at 208.280.3333 for an appointment or more information

Available Sections
     The sections presently available for viewing are the following:

  • Fireplace - With the new technology and products available, especially in precast man-made stone, a fireplace can be built not only cost effectively, but according to your desired shape, color and design.
  • Fountains/Waterfalls - Waterfalls when properly built, can be very aesthetic pleasing to the eyes. Man-made waterfalls (when built and designed professionally), can blend into the landscape and give your home a touch of class and beauty.
  • Home Theater - From the drapes and seating to the walls and carpeting, home theater designs are incorporated into the room to reflect a great theater effect.
  • Floors - The basic four types of custom floors include ceramic tile, terrazzo, stone and wood floors. All can be tastefully installed and last for years.
  • Other Images - Large gallery of misc. images from the interior and exterior of custom homes.

     Below are the category of pictures that are listed in this section. They will include the following:

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     One World Builders is in the business of providing satisfied customers throughout the State of Idaho. Our expertise is not only in building custom homes but in building quality custom homes that last. Contact us today at 208.280.3333 for an initial consultation.


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