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The floor of this particular theater system has a step down design to allow optimal viewing pleasure. This system also includes dark ceilings to prevent reflectivity when viewing the screen, and the seating is made of leather for a comfortable viewing experience. See the home theater seating page for more information on this subject.

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The Technology
     Up-to-date technology in the latest products is imperative when building a new home theater system. The system pictured below has a ten foot wide screen and high definition (HD) projector. It also comes with a 7.1 surround sound with sub woofers built into the walls. Decorative Sky-Skan's Theater lighting (this technology is used in the present day movie theaters) is also used to match and enhance the rest of the interior. To allow a superb entertainment experience, this system comes with a base shaker (allows you to experience every thump, and shake of the movie). The base shaker can also be perfect for music videos.

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Home theater system with screen
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About the Builder
     Corey Schoenauer is owner and president of One World Builders. He has been in the custom home business not only in Idaho but also internationally. His eye for unique designs of the interior and exterior of homes, has been an asset for many clients.

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