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     There are many different ways to place a waterfall or water feature to enhance the landscape of your home. The picture below, is a man-made waterfall that was placed in one of our custom homes, It was used to enhance the landscape, as well as to blend with the rock structure of the luxury home in the background.

Choosing a Custom Waterfall
     When building a new home, many of our clients consider adding fountains and man-made waterfalls as part of the landscape. The initial cost of building these items can be some what expensive, but the maintenance is very low and the lifetime of the total project is relatively inexpensive. Using the right materials and builder is important in the planning process.

     Even though their may be doubts at the initial stage, when the project is complete, and the sun is setting, the beauty of the added features to your custom home will far surpass your doubts. View large photo of this luxury home.

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Man-made waterfall in front of a home

  Thumbnail Map of Waterfalls and Fountains

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Written by Jack Garchar

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