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     This is an enlarged version from the previous page of a custom fountain. They can be created to have different unique faces. The fountain can also come in a variety of different sizes, colors and shapes. This particular fountain has a re-circulating pump for the water. The pump also comes in different sizes depending on the water flow of the fountain. The water is pumped from the pool and is re-circulated to the top with very little loss of water.

The Face
     The face of the fountain, as pictured above, can be designed and created to your liking. This particular face is an image of a lion. The faces on a fountain can represent many images that can be custom made to fit your own particular choice and liking. The faces can add or make a statement about your courtyard or home.

Fountain Lighting

     Lights can also be placed near and inside the fountain to accentuate the fountain itself around the surrounding landscape. The maintenance of the fountain below is very low. View this fountain in backyard.

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  Thumbnail Map of Waterfalls and Fountains

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