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     A fountain can enhance and highlight the exterior of your custom home. We work closely with the landscape architect in making sure that that the fountain(s) designed and placed will give maximum exposure and delight to the viewers. The sound of the flowing water can create a sense of serenity to an individual. Enhancing that feeling will only add more enjoyment to your home and your guests.

Custom Fountains
     The fountain pictured below, is a two tiered custom water fountain, with the top tier smaller than the bottom tier. It is composed of precast stone and can come in many sizes as well as colors, and can be placed in a front yard, garden patio or courtyard. The size of the pump can generate a multitude of different water flows. The pump in this particular fountain is a re-circulating pump where very little water is lost in the process. The face of the fountain can also be customized so that a figure or character can placed onto the fountain.

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fountain in courtyard
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