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      The picture below is a hardwood floor that has been placed in the living room, dining room and entryway. The home was built in Twin Falls, Idaho and designed by Corey Schoenauer of One World Builders.

Choosing a Hardwood Floor
     Whether you choose a solid hardwood or an engineered hardwood floor The color and texture have the same rich consistency throughout the floor. A quality floor manufacturer and installer are definitely a must when choosing a wood floor. The warranty of the product is of utmost importance, as well the builders' recommendations of the type of floor designs that would best fit your custom home. View larger photo version of picture listed below

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Hardwood floor

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Choosing One World Builders
     One World Builders is one of the most reputable and prestigious custom home builder in Idaho. From the initial consultation to completion, our professional team of experts will work with you to build your dream. Not only do we build in Idaho but also internationally, including Europe and Latin America. Contact us today to setup an appointment concerning your custom home and your quality hardwood floor.

Written by Jack Garchar


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