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      The picture of the floor below is composed of a sedimentary rock called travertine. It is the most extensive stone used in the architectural world today Extensive deposits of this rock are quarried in Tirol, Italy, near Rome. In fact the famous coliseum in Rome is composed of travertine. Most of travertine rock is quarried in Italy, Other sources for this rock include Turkey, Mexico, Peru and the US.

Travertine Characteristics
     One of the major characteristics of this stone is the holes in the rock. This unique touch can be left as is as in many architecturally designed buildings throughout the world or the holes can be filled with a grout. The stone can also be polished to a smooth or shiny surface (picture below is polished to a shiny surface). Travertine is close, but not as hard as granite stone.

      The multitude of colors makes it an excellent choice when deciding the type of rock to use in your living room, hallway or kitchen. Travertine can also be placed on walls as a facade to enhance the richness of the stone throughout the room as well as throughout the house.

Sizes and Colors
     Travertine stone comes in a variety of warm colors and rich tones for your floor. Some of the color shades light cream (ivory), beige, walnut, chocolate (noche), and gold (oro/ (reddish rust

      Tile sizes for travertine comes in many sizes. Depending on origin of country tile size vary from 12" x 12" to 24" x 24" Custom ordered tiles are also available. They can be much larger in size and more expensive.

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