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Decorative Touches of Travertine Tile -


      The picture below is an entryway floor that leads to the living room and dining room. It is composed of decorative trim pieces that looks somewhat like "railroad tracks". Designed to give the floor a more interesting appeal, the decorative trim cuts away the consistency and boredom of the same tile sizes. The stone tile is travertine and can be used throughout the home. Decorative trim composed of ceramic and mosaic tiles are also used to enhance the flooring of larger custom homes.

More Information on Travertine Tile
     Travertine is mostly imported from the Tuscany region of Italy with some quarry deposits located in the United States, Peru, Turkey and Mexico. For more information please visit the previous page called "Travertine Floors". View large picture of Travertine tile in hallway.

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Entryway showing the many shpes of travertine tile

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