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      Using different shades and colors, Travertine stone tile can enhance the beauty of the floor. The flooring pictured below is composed of noche (chocolate) and oro (gold). The soft blend of these particular colors are a very particular blend, and especially shows magnificently against the ivory colored pillars, and the reddish/brown carpet. Blending the shade of colors of the tile adds a rich tone to the decor of the room as well as the house.

     Travertine stone comes in a variety of warm colors and rich tones for your floor. Some of the more common color shades are a light cream (ivory), beige, walnut, chocolate (noche), and of course as shown below gold (yellow/oro - reddish rust). The perfect mix of colors can give you an aesthetic touch and look to your living room, kitchen, and/or dining room.

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The many colors of travertine tile

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