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     Custom floors as well as tile for the interior of your home can be used from many different materials. These materials, when applied by a skilled craftsman, can create floors that will enhance the beauty of your home. If the design and the craftsmanship of the construction of the floors are done properly, the kitchen, hallways and other rooms in the house can add a unique color and light to each room.

      Whatever type of flooring you plan to place in your home, make sure to find a good craftsman to do the job. If you don't, you may be stuck with shoddy job that you may have to look at for years.

Changes in the Market
      Over the last twenty to thirty years many new flooring products came onto the market. Some of the products are not only more durable, but cost effective to the consumer. At One World Builders we want to make sure that you have the best product on the market. Whether it is ceramic tile for the living room, or hardwood flooring for the dining room, Our skilled floor specialists will make sure the job is done to your specification and satisfaction.

Types of Floors
      There a basically four types of custom floors you can use. They are ceramic tile, terrazzo, stone and wood floors. All are unique and can last for years.

  • Ceramic Tile - The most common types of ceramic tile used for floors include terra cotta, porcelain and quarry. Ceramic tile is composed of clay and kiln fired.
  • Terrazzo - This material is mostly composed of marble or stone chips and mixed with cement. Terrazzo is sanded and polished to a smooth finish giving a shiny surface
  • Stone - Stones floors can be of limestone, Travertine, granite, flagstone and marble slate.
  • Wood Floors - Wood floors can be broken down to hardwood (which can be of cherry, oak or other type of hardwood tree), cork, laminate and bamboo.

Thumbnail Map Listed Below
     Listed below are photos of some of the many designs of floors that One World Builders has used in the construction of homes. A custom floor, specifically designed for a living room or kitchen can enhance the beauty of those particular rooms and the interior of the home itself.

  Thumbnail Picture Map of Custom Floors

Floors by
One World Builders

*Please Note: The photos above were photographed from many different styles of custom homes located in in Boise, Twin Falls and other locations in the state of Idaho.

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Written by Jack Garchar


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