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     This is the perfect family room fireplace The man-made stone enhances the warmth of the room, especially on a brisk autumn or cold winter evening. Sitting around the fireplace can be an added benefit with your family and guests. The unit can also be customized for the living room or den.

Customizing your Fireplace
This unit is a top vent fireplace and can be customized to burn wood or gas. The brick is man-made stone and can be finished in any color, possible to match and compliment the surrounding walls and tiles. The fireplace unit can be as small 30 to as large as 60 inches. It can is custom fitted by a stone mason with the mantle composed of alder wood. To see larger photo of the fireplace go to larger view.

What is Man-made Stone
Man-made stone or engineered stone is composed of Portland Cement, lightweight pigments, aggregates, and other additives to represent the look, feel and texture of the original stone. Man-made stone is also lighter and precast to match the stone it replacing. It is also cost-effective and easy to install. See Luxury Stone Products for more detailed information about precast stone.

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Man-made stone fireplace in the family room

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