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     If you plan to build a home, a custom fireplace can accentuate that special room. With the new technology and products available, especially in precast man-made stone, a fireplace can be built not only cost effectively, but according to your desired shape, color and design. Listed in the following pages of this section are photos with brief descriptions of custom fireplaces available in the market today.

New Technology and Products

     At One World Builders we are in the business of keeping up-to-date in latest technology as well as the products that support this technology. Custom fireplaces are an area where keeping up with the latest stone designs, and energy efficient products are a mainstay of this business. At One World Builders, we want you as a important client to have the best products and technology available in the marketplace.

Thumbnail Map Listed Below
     Listed below are pictures of some of the many designs of fireplaces that One World Builders has used in the construction of homes. We try to make sure your custom home fits the tastes and enhances the beauty of the interior of your home.

  Thumbnail Map of Fireplace Pictures

*Please Note:
The photos above were photographed from many different styles of custom homes located in in Boise, Twin Falls and other locations in the state of Idaho

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     With our corporate office centrally located in Twin Falls, One World Builders is a builder of luxury custom homes. We build mostly in the Boise metropolitan area (including Caldwell), Sun Valley, Tamarack Twin Falls and surrounding communities. For more information about building your home in Caldwell as well as other locations please contact us at 208.280.3333 or you can email Corey Schoenauer at corey@idaho-home.com.

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