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     Moving to Idaho brings a quality of life far superior as compared to other states. Living in a quality community (from Boise to Sun Valley) is just as important as finding a quality home builder.

Quality of Life in Idaho
     Quality of life can be generally divided into 9 groups: water and air quality, health care, housing, taxes, transportation, jobs and the economy, crime rate, cultural and outdoor activities. If you are planning to move to one of the many small communities in Idaho, the state of Idaho and its small towns rate high in all the categories. Listed below is brief synopsis of each individual category

     In the fiscal year 2002, 72% (36 out of 50) of the states had higher taxes per $1,000 of total personal income than Idaho

  • Personal Income Tax - The state personal income tax ranges from 1.6 percent to 7.8 percent in 8 income brackets. Idaho residents may apply for state tax credits for taxes paid to other states.
  • Sales Tax - The state sales tax is 5 percent. Sales tax applies to the sale, rental or lease of tangible personal property and some services (hotel, motel, and campground accommodations) are taxed at a higher rate (7 to 11 percent). Some local communities impose a local option sales tax.

Hospitals and Health Care
     Availability of quality health care is an important aspect of Idaho life. The state has 48 licensed hospitals and all Idaho communities with 2,500 residents or over have a hospital within 16 miles.

Crime Rate
     With the help of a small town atmosphere and a vibrant economy Idaho's crime rate is the lowest in the West. According to FBI statistics, the serious crime rate in Idaho is 21.3% less than the national average.

Cultural Activities
     The cultural activities in Idaho are as diverse as the jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains (near Ketchum and Sun Valley) to the green valleys that hug the Snake River (Twin Falls). No matter where you live in Idaho, cultural activities abound. Some of the activities include jazz and blue grass festivals, theater, the symphony orchestra, the ballet, the summer Shakespearean festival, professional rodeo and the memorable county fairs. For more information contact Idaho Tourism Development Division, 700 W. State Street, P.O.Box 83720, Boise, Idaho 83720-0093, (800)714-3246 or visit the website visitidaho.org.

Outdoor Activities
     The plentiful rivers and tall mountains (with many peaks over 10,000 feet) provides a natures' paradise. Skiing, horseback riding, fly fishing, rafting and hiking are just some of the many activities that await you and your family,.

     The housing market is within your reach, as compared to other housing.. A large custom built luxury home generally start less than the small homes in Southern or Northern California. See "Pricing" section for more information.

Jobs and Employment
     Idaho has a strong and diversified economy. Manufacturing and agriculture remain top industries while high-tech, tourism, retail, health care, business and information services are top growth sectors. For job listings in Idaho, you can start with Idaho Commerce and Labor, which has 24 offices scattered throughout the state.

     The availability of good transportation system is important, especially good quality roads and availability of airports for long distance travel. There are two major interstate highways (I-84 in the southern part of the state and I-90 in the north) and numerous state highways that run throughout the state. Scheduled airline services are located in the following communities, Boise, Idaho Falls, Ketchum/Sun Valley , Lewiston, McCall, Moscow/Pullman, located in eastern Washington), Pocatello, Salmon and Twin Falls. Train Service also runs through northern Idaho with a stopping point in Sandpoint.

Air and Water Quality
     Much of Idaho's surface water flows out of the high mountains and is generally of high quality. Air quality is good throughout the year with the exception of winter temperature inversions and the effects of pollen in a few locations.

Building Your Home and Living in Idaho
     If you plan to build your new home and this is your first time living in Idaho you will be greeted with a small-town, friendly nature of its' people. The small town atmosphere and the large array of outdoor activities extends a quality of life far beyond your expectations. The largest community, Boise (the state capital), remains under 200,000 people with the next largest, Nampa, has just over 64,000 people. The small town communities are positively influenced by nature and the outdoors with tourism, agriculture, ranching and timber as the main economic growth sectors.

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More Information
     If you need more information about moving to Idaho, the "Idaho Blue Book" (printed by the state of Idaho) can be a helpful guide. This book has plenty of information on education, history, government, economy and outdoor activities. It can be purchased for $10 from the Secretary of State, Room 203, Statehouse, Boise, ID 83720-0080. For information on building a custom home in Idaho please contact us at 208.280.3333 or you can email Corey Schoenauer at corey@idaho-home.com.

Written by Jack Garchar


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