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     Seeing your home being built can be an exciting part of the project. As you watch in the early hours of the morning, trades people drive up to the construction site. The plumbers, roofers, electricians, and other craftsmen of their respective trade start the work of building your dream home, a dream home that was once only on paper, now is turning into reality. The fireplace, stairway, windows and plumbing are being placed according to plan. Your hard work and hard-earned money is coming to fruition.

Building Your Home
Building your custom home is a three-part process. They include choosing a builder, the design process and the planning process.

  • Choosing a Builder - Deciding who you want to build your Idaho home is an integral part of the process. Finding a good reputable builder is of utmost importance. For more information please visit "Selecting a Builder" section and "About Us" section.
  • Design Process - The in-house design studio plays an important role in bringing your home to life They are extremely talented individuals who not only have an eye for proportion, but color and balance. Your lifestyle and varied tastes will be applied to the design, making your home a unique work of art and expression of your lifestyle.
  • Planning Process - What you want your home to look like and what amenities you desire are important decisions at this stage. A good builder will work with you to accomplish this task. For more information please visit the "Planning Process" section.

      Our goal is to build a quality house that you can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come (Please visit Testimonials page).

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About One World Builders
     As a home builder in Idaho, One World Builders understands that building you home is an exciting process. Questions about the building process by the client is numerous and encouraged by our team. We want to make sure that not only the craftsmanship being placed into your home is above your expectations, but that all your questions are answered promptly and in detail.

Written by Jack Garchar


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