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     Selecting a good builder is a very important aspect, when building your Idaho home. There are many good custom home builders, finding the right one that fits your needs is the key. How does a perspective buyer of a custom built home find the right one and what qualifications do you look for, are key questions in your search.

Selecting a Builder
     Listed below are some of the key qualities that we think are imperative in choosing a home builder. They include the following important qualifications not only when selecting a builder in Idaho but also nationwide and internationally.

  • Experience - Does the builder have enough experience in building that dream home you have discussed so many times with your family and friends. How many years has the builder been in existence building homes and how many homes were built and what type of homes did the builder build.
  • Integrity - Does the builder have a reputation for building quality homes and is the company financially sound.
  • References - Does the builder have solid references of previous clients as well as solid bank references.
  • Professionalism - Does the builder have the necessary professionalism to not only work with a number of different personalities in the construction business and business community, but also does the builder have the professionalism in communicating with you as a client.
  • Follow-up - Does the builder follow-up in regards to getting back to you with pertinent information concerning your house.
  • Design and Creativity - Do you like the designs of the custom homes that the builder has built over the years. Does the builder have the creativity and the architectural knowledge to design that special fireplace, open circular stairway or other unique architectural designs for your new home,
  • Technology - Does the builder keep abreast of the latest technology in the building industry. Is that entertainment center, the latest technology and is the home, energy efficient throughout the year.
  • Chemistry - Do you and the builder have the necessary chemistry that will make building your Idaho home a positive and memorable experience

      There are many other qualities to look for in selecting a home builder, however, the above listings are a good start on what to look for. At One World Builders we want you to feel comfortable in selecting us as your builder. We also realize that to be selected as your builder we must have the above qualifications and more.

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Written by Jack Garchar


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